Medverkande till en uppsats om att hantera endometrios

En kvinna vid namn Joanna Pruchnicka från Umeå skriver en magisteruppsats om att kunna hantera endometrios för både drabbade och närstående och vill ha vår hjälp. Hon har ett online-formulär för endometriosdrabbade, ett annat formulär för partners och familjemedlemmar samt om du är i eller i närheten av Umeå får du gärna ställa upp för en intervju. Joanna är engelsktalande men det går att svara på frågorna på Svenska om det känna lättare. Har du några frågor får du gärna kontakta Joanna direkt: joanna.pruchnicka@gmail.com. Du ser hennes länkar och mer beskrivning här nedan.

Dear Member of Endometriosföreningen,
My name is Joanna Pruchnicka and I'm currently working on my master thesis at Umeå Institute of Design. This project is focusing on the management and communication around endometriosis. I'm endometriosis patient myself and want to build solution supporting women and their loved ones. Since there are not many design solutions for patients with chronic conditions it is important to understand problems we are facing and propose concrete action plans that can be an inspiration for the public and private sector. Besides the main goal, my project is also aiming to spread awareness since many people will be visiting the final exhibition in our school and reading about projects online.

But to do all of that I really need your help! I would like to learn as much as possible about individual experience and issues all of us are facing.

• I would like to ask you to join my co-creation session (it should take approximately 15 minutes): http://www.joannapruchnicka.com/cocreation_welcome

• If there is someone who is giving you support (partner, family member, close friend) and would like to contribute to a survey they can find it here: https://goo.gl/forms/ GTl10UpaZJVefY1U2

• If you are from Umeå and would be open to meet with me to evaluate some ideas later in the project I would be very thankful. Our conversation would be in English. You can reach out to me by email: joanna.pruchnicka@gmail.com

All data from any interactions will be anonymized and used only to benefit this project, but I'll share overall results online to help others who might be approaching this topic in the future.

I'm really looking forward to hearing from you.
Best regards,
Joanna Pruchnicka

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